Natal (Birth) Chart

Natal (Birth) Chart

No nonsense, affordable, personalised Natal Birth Chart reports calculated using our bespoke software.

What is a natal chart?

A natal chart, also known as a birth chart is a map of the planet and star positions at the time of your birth. This map, or chart as they are called, is then interpreted by our astrologer to bring you insight into your conscious and subconscious self.

About our reports

Our Astrologer Loki Tampetore (Astology Diploma holder) has designed and developed a bespoke piece of software specially for Astromancy UK which we use to calculate and produce unique, personalised birth and natal charts and reports. These do away with all the complicated astrology jargon and replace it with an accessible and enlightening report about all aspects of your chart.

The reports cover the signs of the zodiac, the house, the nodes and the planets, with a summary of your sun sign and a full breakdown of all aspects, orbs and details identified within the birthchart in an easy to understand and detailed way.

The report is printed and provided in a simple folder which you can read and review at your leisure.


You will be emailed for the details required to complete your Birthchart. 


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